About the Church

Brief History of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Kingston, ON, Canada

 In 1975, few Coptic families started meeting in homes on a monthly basis. The  Divine Liturgy was  initially conducted by Father Marcos from Toronto, ON. Later Fr. Mankarios Awadalla from Mississauga, ON took over the liturgy services in 1976.

 Dr.Adel Mohareb, a dentist and one of the earliest Coptic immigrant to Canada, provided his house for the liturgy services couple of times. Also in the early days, liturgy was held couple of times in the residence of many people like Dr. Marcos Girgis, Dr. Wagdi Loza, Dr. Magdi Hanna, Dr. Youssery Nashed, and pharmacist Dr. Assil Bassili. Later services stopped for a while.

 In the late 1980’s, Sunday School classes were  systematically held at the residence of Thomas Nadavallil, for both Indian and Coptic Orthodox children of school age from Grade 1 to Grade 11.

 In 1993, we resumed Divine Liturgy at Queen’s university Theological College Chapel, on a monthly basis till 2000.

 In July 1995, Father Michael Aziz (Montreal, QC) became responsible for conducting the liturgical services.

 Between 2000-2002 liturgical services were done in many places including: Ukranian Catholic Church and St. Gregory of  Nyssa Orthodox Mission.

 In  October 11, 2002 at  the Queen’s University Chapel, Fr. Michael Aziz and the congregation suggested three names for the church in Kingston :

1- St. Mary and St. John the Baptist,

2- St. Mena, and

3- St. George

After the liturgical services in October 12, 2002 at Queen’s University Chapel, the three names were written on pieces of paper, and the youngest child in the congregation, George Henin, picked one from the three suggested names. The chosen name for our church was St. Mena.

 On May 28, 2003, St. Mena Coptic Orthodox Church was registered as a non profitable organization. In December 2003 the first vespers were held at the newly rented place, converted to a church at the Development Drive plaza, Kingston, ON

 In 2010 we moved to our current address: 1281 Midland Ave., Kingston, ON K7P 2Y1

In 2013, our first ordained priest, Fr. Bachomious ElBaramousy, was appointed to the church by H. H. Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria

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